Gin of the month: KING OF SOHO

//Gin of the month: KING OF SOHO

Gin of the month: KING OF SOHO

This month’s gin is King of Soho; a dry gin distilled in the heart of London.

The gin was created as a tribute to the press-dubbed and self-proclaimed ‘King of Soho’, Paul Raymond by his son, Howard. Whilst not condoning large fortunes made initially from strip clubs and pornography, the history of the London district of Soho cannot be rewritten and Paul Raymond was a central figure after opening the Raymond Revuebar in 1958 and later investing millions of pounds in local property.

Inheriting his father’s passion for the district, Howard decided to capture the qualities that make Soho unique in this rather special gin.

The gin is a complex spirit; crafted with 12 botanicals. The King of Soho website describes the gin as ‘bespoke, smooth and full-bodied; soft juniper, coriander, with a high presence of citrus botanicals including grapefruit peel, balanced by angelica root and cassia’.

On tasting, we didn’t get the citrus hit at the beginning but it has a spicy finish. We thought it was utterly fantastic mixed into a martini with orange (rather than lemon or olive flavourings). See recipe below…

The bottle is bold and colourful…The depicted character’s velvet tailoring reflects the hedonistic fashion of the district. The Fox’s tail signifies Soho’s status as a former royal hunting ground and the fox’s reputation as a mischievous creature of the night embodying the smart, naughty and enigmatic nature of urban Soho. The trumpet reflects Soho’s rich jazz history and with the holding of the book, the character tips his hat to Soho’s long association with creative industries such as publishing and media.

Our verdict: HIGHLY recommended.

Disclaimer… we are not affiliated with King of Soho gin and have written this review as very keen – but by no means professional/official – gin tasters!

Credit: some of the information for this article was taken from the King of Soho



Mark’s martini mix:


75ml King of Soho gin
10ml (max) Cocchi Americano vermouth
2 drops Bitter Union Spiced Orange Bitters
Strip of orange zest


Combine in usual Martini fashion – shaken or stirred? Our view – Bond was wrong.

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