Gin of the month: Tanqueray Rangpur

//Gin of the month: Tanqueray Rangpur

Gin of the month: Tanqueray Rangpur

Our intention with these monthly reviews was to share details of smaller, artisanal gin producers, but we were recently tempted by 2 supermarket gin offers (one of which was incredible, the other…not to our taste AT ALL)! So this month we thought we’d discuss the highs and lows of being drawn in by a bargain!

Firstly, let’s talk about the positive – and delicious – experience provided by our bottle of Tanqueray Rangpur! We were attracted to this gin due to our penchant for clean, zesty gins. This one was absolutely terrific. 

Tanqueray Rangpur is one of this major producer’s craft variations; distilled with Rangpur limes and ‘other botanicals’. A Rangpur lime, we’ve discovered (thanks to Wikipedia), isn’t a lime at all – it’s a hybrid between a lemon and a mandarin orange, with a strong acidic flavour. 

Our suggestion is to accompany this gin with a premium tonic and a slice of lime (as we know it). The lime works harmoniously with the other citrus flavours.

It really is a good gin for those of you with a similar citrusy-gin-inclination.

Finally, onto the perils of the supermarket ‘special’ (we know you’re all wondering!). We won’t dwell on this too much but we DO NOT recommend Gordons Pink. Enough said.

Needless to say, both gins are available to purchase at your local supermarket!

Disclaimer… we are not affiliated with either of the gins mentioned above and have written this review as very keen – but by no means professional/official – gin tasters!

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