Technology and work-life balance

//Technology and work-life balance

Technology and work-life balance

As you most likely know by now – we love technology at Ambledene Accountancy (take a read of our recent blog ‘Technology in business…top 5 benefits’ to find out why)!

BUT in this digital era – where we’re more accessible than ever – how do we manage a healthy work/life balance?

There’s no doubt technology has blurred the line between home and work – smartphones mean we can read work emails in bed…or our friends can send us an instant message when we’re in a client meeting. It’s clear that boundaries aren’t the same as they used to be, and we can often feel under pressure to be constantly available.

The general advice out there is to “turn your phone off”, “forget about work” or “do some exercise” but we thought some more realistic (and tangible) suggestions were in order…

So, here are our tips on how to make technology your ally in the search for equilibrium:

1. Let technology do the work for you.

Technology can work on your behalf…so you don’t have to be attached to it all the time.

Make use of the ‘out of office’ function on your email system, set up automatic responses on your social media accounts, or use email marketing software to automatically respond to web enquiries.

2. Make work-time more productive.

Technology can make your time at work more productive – which should allow you to take more down-time (in theory)!

The right systems can automate much of your workload and can reduce human error, so the initial time investment of setting up good technological solutions will very quickly increase your productivity.

3. Embrace flexibility.

Sometimes, setting a 9-5 working day just doesn’t work – especially if you have other commitments. So, instead of beating yourself up about it, why not embrace the flexibility that technology can offer?

Cloud technology enables you to work anywhere, anytime. The right set-up means you can drop your children off at school, then have a video-conference with a client in Australia 10 minutes later.
And this solution isn’t just for people with families…studies suggest flexible working can increase happiness, health and productivity for anyone.

4. “Turn off your phone”, “forget about work” or “do some exercise”.

Finally, back to the general advice…if you need/want to switch off for a while…just do it! With the right solutions in place you can relax – safe in the knowledge that your technological solutions have you and your business covered!

Please get in touch to discuss creating work/life harmony for yourself!

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