The bare necessities for business success…

//The bare necessities for business success…

The bare necessities for business success…

Whether you’re just starting out, or are long-established, the right tools will help your business to grow and flourish!

Having said this, we know that business owners and entrepreneurs don’t always have time to do the research involved in finding and setting up the best tech/software solutions…which is why we do it for you!

There are some great cloud software solutions out there – all designed to enhance your business processes.

Here we recommend the bare necessities required for streamlined back-office systems…

1. Stay on schedule with Google Calendar  

Knowing where you’re meant to be is pretty fundamental when it comes to running a business! Google Calendar is easy to use, integrates seamlessly with lots of other software and updates effortlessly across different devices.

2. Get organised with Dropbox

A good filing system is vital. Dropbox offers a fantastic, very affordable solution to keep your files organised and accessible (documents are available on your computer or online).

3. Communicate with Zoom and Slack

Zoom lets you have face-to-face meetings…remotely. One-to-one or group meetings are made easy with this great video communication platform.

Slack is a great team communication tool. Fewer meetings, less internal emails and a place to keep track of ideas are just a few of the benefits.

4. Manage your finances and cashflow with Xero and FUTRLI

Xero is definitely the tool for keeping your finances in order. It allows you (and us) to update and view the financial state of your business in real time; from almost anywhere.

FUTRLI is an all in one forecasting and reporting tool. It can be used to keep track of cashflow, create a business plan and monitor KPIs.

5. Keep your paperwork in order with Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank makes bookkeeping simple and keeps your paperwork to a minimum. Take a picture of your receipts and let Receiptbank automatically enter your data into Xero.

To get started with your back-office-technological-essentials, please get in touch.

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