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Xero tips and Tricks: Managing purchase invoices paperlessly in Xero

2018-01-11T16:31:12+00:00January 11th, 2018|Latest News, Xero tips and tricks|

In our ‘Xero Tips and Tricks’ articles we share details of Xero features that WILL genuinely benefit our clients. In this article, we offer a practical guide for using Xero to manage purchase invoices paperlessly. Purchase invoices are the invoices that you receive from suppliers (i.e. invoices to pay). Going paperless with your bookkeeping may require [...]

Xero tips and tricks: Tracking director expenses using the mobile app

2017-12-12T10:12:14+00:00December 12th, 2017|Latest News, Xero tips and tricks|

Xero has many features to be discovered and loved (if you’re able to feel that strongly about accounting software)! One such feature - which we regularly recommend to our clients – is the ability to record expenses using the mobile app. An expense claim is a receipt from personal spending that needs to be reimbursed by [...]