Gin of the Month: Cuckoo

//Gin of the Month: Cuckoo

Gin of the Month: Cuckoo

Each month, we share details of one of our favourite, tried and tested gins. This month, we take a look at Cuckoo – another local gin.

Cuckoo is distilled at the Singleton family’s new, independent distillery based at Holmes Farm in Brindle (in the middle of the triangle mapped by Preston, Blackburn and Chorley).

The name, ‘Cuckoo’, comes from local legend, the Brindle Cuckoo. The legend goes that on hearing the first call of the cuckoo, spring would start and the growth and fertility of the land would reward the local community with food.

The Brindle Distillery source the ingredients for the gin locally, with the water coming from an aquifer in a nearby field.

The pot still is named “Maggie” after the family’s Great Aunt Margaret. Maggie is heated using biomass boilers as part of a plan to make the distillery as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

In terms of flavour, Cuckoo is a very complex gin…with botanicals including coriander, grapefruit, orange, cinnamon and liquorice. On tasting, the first flavour is juniper (well, it is gin) then the citrus notes take over finishing with a slight pepperiness from coriander seeds.

We enjoy Cuckoo, as ever, with decent tonic (not too much), plenty of ice and, as recommended by the distillery,  garnished with orange peel and a sliver of fresh ginger. It’s delicious, unique and truly lovely!

Cuckoo is available from the distillery’s own shop, Booths and other independent wine merchants.

Disclaimer… we are not affiliated with Cuckoo gin in any way and are giving this review as very keen – but by no means professional/official – gin tasters!

Credit: Some of the information for this article was taken from the Brindle Distillery’s website:

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