The importance of strong passwords…

//The importance of strong passwords…

The importance of strong passwords…

The cloud revolution has been – and continues to be – a wonderful thing for businesses! Gone are the days of bothersome back-ups, the risk of data disappearing in a puff of smoke, or your paperwork being lost or stolen.

Whilst we’re glad to see the back of the above issues, there are new considerations for businesses in terms of security…

According to Verizon’s ‘Data Breach Investigations Report’, 81% of data breaches in 2017 involved weak, default or stolen passwords.

It is therefore vital to ensure you and your team have strong passwords

Consider the following:

  • Combine different types of character. Use a mix of alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers) and symbols.
  • Don’t use personal information in passwords (such as your pet’s name, your nickname, your street name).
  • Don’t use common words or phrases (such as ‘password’ or ‘letmein’), or keyboard patterns (such as ‘qwerty’ or ‘1234’)
  • Avoid writing down passwords or storing them in a manner which makes them susceptible to discovery.
  • Never divulge your passwords to anyone – unless they’re authorised to know your passwords.
  • Do not use the same password for multiple accounts. Duplicate passwords dramatically increase the likelihood of additional accounts being compromised in the event of a breach.
If you employ team members, it is worth implementing a Password Policy, incorporating the above points. This will help to raise awareness and safeguard your business.
If you struggle to maintain lots of passwords, try out a password manager – such as LastPass; a useful tool that helps securely store all of your login details in one place, under one password.
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