What the proactive accountant should be doing…

//What the proactive accountant should be doing…

What the proactive accountant should be doing…

Accountants aren’t all the same.

It’s fair to say that any accountant will do your accounting and compliance work…but a great one will do much more to help your business thrive!

Here are some of the things that a proactive accountancy firm should offer…

1. Advice

More than just telling you how your business has performed in the last year, your accountant should offer anticipatory guidance and recommendations. Advice should cover tax, growth and other areas of running a business.

2. Goal Setting

An awesome accountant will help you to turn information into insights – and insights into action…helping you set goals for your company, based on data and (most importantly) real desires. This is not about telling you what your goals should be, but coaching you to open up possibilities.

3. Budgeting and Planning

Linked to the goal setting process comes helping you to set budgets and plans for the future – plans that are linked to real data and are presented in a visual, easily absorbed way.

4. Financial Director Services

Some businesses may benefit from their accountant taking on the role of FD. This isn’t an in-house accountant, but it is a board member (who has a real, in-depth understanding of strategy, direction etc.) who mainly focuses on the efficiency of the cash conversion part of the business.

5. Process Improvements

Cloud software has become a vital part of running a successful business – offering improvements in efficiency and productivity. Your accountant should be able to advise on the best systems to improve your business processes.

At Ambledene Accountancy, we offer all the above…and would be devastated to be described as ‘just an accountant’! We help our clients to take control of their business.

Contact us to discuss our proactive packages…

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