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Vibe Tickets – Luke

Vibe Tickets is a tech startup that is disrupting the secondary ticket market by connecting fans and cutting out the middleman.

Vibe Tickets is your social ticket marketplace. We’re an open community where fans, like you, can buy and sell spare tickets, negotiate prices and chat.

You can find Vibe Tickets here: http://www.vibetickets.co.uk/

Elements Day Spa – Ruth

We like to keep our clients happy. Here is a selection of verified testimonials so you can see and hear for yourself.

More than that, you can also link to their websites – we will recommend and promote our client’s businesses wherever and whenever we can.

The success of our clients matters to us.

Truthful Testimonials

We use Truthful Testimonials to produce the client video testimonials. Why?

Because we think it’s important that the testimonials are independent and unscripted.

We are very happy to recommend Truthful Testimonials.

In case you’re wondering, there is no connection between Ambledene Online and Truthful Testimonials.

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